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Our Vision:

At Kitasoo Community School, we strive to achieve academic excellence while preserving, promoting and protecting Kitasoo/XaiXais cultural values and identity of all students. 

We provide quality educational programs and services that maximize student learning and graduation in a safe, caring, healthy and nurturing environment. 

We also promote incentives that encourage our students to graduate out of high school and post-secondary programs as they strive to become responsible and contributing members of the Kitasoo/Xai’Xais community and today’s interdependent global society.

Student-Centred Learning through Community Engagement

Our Mission:

At Kitasoo Community School by increasing community engagement we will increase the academic achievement of our students

Our mission at KCS is to ensure that school programs and services enhance the academic, emotional, physical, and social well-being of all students. Our staff seeks to develop a positive self-worth and identity within Kitasoo/Xai’Xais students. Our mission is accomplished through an understanding and appreciation of individual learner needs, supported by an excellent, highly trained collaborative staff working closely with parents, Elders and community.


Our Goals:

We promote…

GOAL #1: A positive school climate

To provide a cohesive school climate that includes team collaboration, group activities, community involvement, challenging and fun learning environment, and open communication.

GOAL #2: Social and cultural responsibility

To foster social and cultural responsibility values such as respect of self and others, confidence, willingness to work and play together, embrace challenges, respect for the environment, understand cultural differences & diversity, commitment to school and responsibility for one’s own learning.

 GOAL #3: Kitasoo Xai’xais language and culture

To increase knowledge of Xai’xais language and culture that includes a sense of pride, identity, a basic understanding of Xai’xais oral and written language, understanding of clan systems, traditions, customs, and protocols.

 GOAL #4: A strong work ethic

Students are expected to take responsibility for their academic learning and behaviour toward others. Parents and staff are encouraged to remind students in positive, respectful ways that all students in their classes are working toward their own self-development and that through their daily personal commitments students can make their own life at the school, home or in the community an exciting learning experience.

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