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The Board

Chairperson: Chantal Pronteau    

Members: Anne Brown, Colleen Robinson, Margo Anderson

Band Council Reps: Frank Robinson and Douglas Neasloss  

Secretary of the Board: Tara Duncan



  • Board members help ensure a safe and engaging school year for your children. 
  • All Board decisions are made as a group and are based on policies and regulations. 
  • Individual board members may hear your concerns (when not in public), but they may make no comments or decisions on behalf of the Board at these times. 
  • However, be assured that they will bring your requests or letter to a Board meeting and put items on the KEA Board Agenda at their regular formal monthly meeting.  
  • If the Board member needs to deal with an immediate relative or if the member is in conflict, this is declared at the meeting and the member may be asked to leave the meeting until a decision has been reached.
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