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Restorative Discipline




Our restorative discipline policies centre around helping students develop a capacity for self-regulation so that a positive learning environment for all students can be maintained. Our staff has developed reasonable expectations of student behaviour so that students can thrive and blossom in an effective learning environment.  At KCS, our staff has frequent discussions about acceptable standards of behaviour. We then clearly communicate these standards to students and parents/guardians on an ongoing basis and enforce them within existing KBE policies and regulations.

The guiding principle behind socially acceptable behaviour is respect for other people (including one’s self), property and buildings. We acknowledge that people make mistakes and that difficulties sometimes arise. Kitasoo Community School believes that respectful behaviour is the responsibility of the student; as such they must know what is expected of them, and what the consequences will be if the expectations are not met. 


Students who break school regulations or behave in a manner which seriously interferes or disrupts the orderly and safe climate of the school may face suspension.  After a suspension is issued by the principal, s/he will meet with the parents/guardians and students and notify them of the situation, the suspension terms, and length of the suspension. 

A suspension from school means the withdrawal of all school privileges including the privilege of attending classes, being on school property, and attending school functions or field trips at or by the school. 

Those students, who have been suspended due to infractions related to drugs or alcohol and subsequent consequences of loss of extra-curricular privileges for a period of one semester in addition to a five-day suspension, will have the option to earn back half of the suspension period by going to see a counselor and completing school or community service hours. This may include score keeping at sport games, cleaning around school or community property, helping elders, the community, or other restorative actions.

Students must make it their responsibility to know the school regulations so that a school suspension may be avoided. The staff and administration sincerely hope that very few students will be asked to leave school, even for a few days. Students should also be aware that they may be given in-school suspension from particular classes in which their behaviour or work has become unsatisfactory. Parents/guardians will be kept informed on a regular basis should issues not be resolved with the student. 

Restitution is a way to solve the problem and make up for the difficulty caused by the rule-breaking. When a child receives a consequence for breaking a rule, parents and elders need to help the child understand the problem, how to deal with their consequences without complaining and how to deal with the situation better in the future. If a student is sent home, it should not be a “holiday.” Using a restorative process, KCS will strive to work together to instill follow-through with consequences for any student who is suspended or sent home. As part of this cooperative process, we ask that parents provide the necessary supervision at home. 

The main purpose of this policy is to provide a safe and co-operative environment in which all students have the opportunity to learn, make wiser choices that lead to more positive consequences.

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