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We will make our best efforts to keep communications lines open, positive, and clear. The school endeavours to communicate with parents and staff at every opportunity by using the following methods:

  • Newsletters             
  • Notices
  • Community FB page
  • Group email communication
  • Face to face formal report card meetings 
  • Special parental requested meetings
  • School website

Occasionally, parents may have a difficulty with the school. We have a policy and process for addressing these problems:

1s t→ Contact the teacher or person concerned to try and resolve the problem in a calm discussion, where the focus is restitution and resolution (and not blaming or creating bad feelings).

2nd → If still unresolved, contact the principal who can investigate the situation, help mediate the conflict, and assist with finding resolutions. (Most conflicts are resolved at Step 1 and 2.)

3rd→ If you are still unsatisfied with the outcome, parents may apply to the School Board for assistance. In a letter, parents/guardians may outline the issue which outlines the steps you have already taken in the above process to resolve the issue. Submit the letter to the School Board to address at their monthly meeting. Please note, the board will not consider issues that have not gone through the approved procedure.

Student Records are kept in the Principal’s office and are protected by a Disclosure Policy to maintain confidentiality. Only the Principal, student’s teacher, and the child’s parent or guardian may request access to the student’s records. They may not be removed from the office.

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